Class OverlappedConnectedSocket

Socket returned if a connection has been established.

class OverlappedConnectedSocket
  : ConnectedSocket ;


this (handle, af) Create a socket.


disconnected_ booltrue if the stream socket peer has performed an orderly shutdown.
family std.socket.AddressFamilyAddress family.
handle_ std.socket.socket_tSocket handle.


addressFamily[get] std.socket.AddressFamily
blocking[get] inout(bool)
blocking[set] bool
disconnected[get] inout(bool)
isAlive[get] bool


beginReceive (buffer, overlapped, flags) Begins to asynchronously receive data from a connected socket.
beginSend (buffer, overlapped, flags) Sends data asynchronously to a connected socket.
endReceive (overlapped) Ends a pending asynchronous read.
endSend (overlapped) Ends a pending asynchronous send.
close () Immediately drop any connections and release socket resources. Calling shutdown before close is recommended for connection-oriented sockets. The Socket object is no longer usable after close.
getOption (level, option, result) Ditto.
listen (backlog) Listen for an incoming connection. bind must be called before you can listen.
opCmp (that) Compare handles.
receive (buf, flags) Receive data on the connection.
send (buf, flags) Send data on the connection. If the socket is blocking and there is no buffer space left, send waits, non-blocking socket returns 0 in this case.
setOption (level, option, value) Ditto.
shutdown (how) Disables sends and/or receives.
getOption (level, option, result) Get a socket option.
setOption (level, option, value) Set a socket option.


Flag Flags may be OR'ed together.
Shutdown How a socket is shutdown.