Enum SocketError

Error codes for Socket.

enum SocketError : int { ... }

Enum members

accessDenied Firewall rules forbid connection.
fault An invalid pointer address was detected by the underlying socket provider.
invalidArgument An invalid argument was supplied to a Socket member.
networkDown The network is not available.
noBufferSpaceAvailable No free buffer space is available for a Socket operation.
notSocket A socket operation was attempted on a non-socket.
operationNotSupported The address family is not supported by the protocol family.
protocolError Protocol error.
protocolNotSupported The protocol is not implemented or has not been configured.
socketNotSupported The support for the specified socket type does not exist in this address family.
timedOut The connection attempt timed out, or the connected host has failed to respond.
tooManyOpenSockets The limit on the number of open sockets has been reached.
unknown Unknown error