API documentation

dlib.audio.io.wav Uncompressed RIFF/WAV encoder and decoder
dlib.audio.sample Sample types and conversion utilities
dlib.audio.sound Generic sound interfaces and their implementations
dlib.audio.synth Simplest waveform synthesizers
dlib.audio.unmanaged GC-free sound class
dlib.coding.varint Variable-sized integer type
dlib.coding.zlib Zlib compression and decompression
dlib.container.array Dynamic (expandable) array with random access
dlib.container.bst Binary search tree
dlib.container.dict Trie-based dictionary (associative array) that can use any type as a key
dlib.container.linkedlist Singly linked list
dlib.container.queue Queue (based on linked list)
dlib.container.stack Stack (based on Array)
dlib.core.bitio Bit-level manipulations
dlib.core.compound Compile-time sequence (aka tuple) + struct hybrid
dlib.core.memory Tools for manual memory management
dlib.core.mutex Cross-platform thread synchronization primitive
dlib.core.oop Prototype-based OOP system for structs.
dlib.core.ownership Class-based object ownership system
dlib.core.stream Binary I/O stream interfaces
dlib.core.thread Cross-platform thread class. Supports Windows and Posix
dlib.core.tuple Templates that construct tuples of numeric values
dlib.filesystem.stdfs GC-free filesystem
dlib.image.filters.binarization Image binarization
dlib.image.filters.boxblur Box blur
dlib.image.filters.chromakey Filters that remove background from images
dlib.image.filters.contrast Adjust contrast
dlib.image.filters.convolution Image convolution
dlib.image.filters.desaturate Turn image to black and white
dlib.image.filters.edgedetect Detect edges on an image
dlib.image.filters.histogram Generate histogram of an image
dlib.image.filters.lens Lens distortion filter
dlib.image.filters.median Median filter.
dlib.image.filters.morphology Morphologic filters
dlib.image.filters.normalmap Normal map generation
dlib.image.filters.sharpen Image sharpening
dlib.image.io.bmp Decode and encode BMP images
dlib.image.io.hdr Decode and encode Radiance HDR/RGBE images
dlib.image.io.jpeg Decode JPEG images
dlib.image.io.png Decode and encode PNG/APNG images
dlib.image.io.tga Decode JPEG images
dlib.image.io.utils Image I/O utility functions
dlib.image.render.cosplasma Render cosine plasma pattern
dlib.image.render.shapes Render simple geometric shapes
dlib.image.render.text Draw ASCII text
dlib.image.resampling.bicubic Bicubic resampling
dlib.image.resampling.bilinear Bilinear resampling
dlib.image.resampling.lanczos Lanczos resampling
dlib.image.resampling.nearest Nearest-neighbor resampling
dlib.image.animation Animated images
dlib.image.arithmetics Per-pixel image arithmetics
dlib.image.canvas Simple 2D rendering engine
dlib.image.color RGBA color space
dlib.image.filters Image filtering
dlib.image.fthread Threaded image filtering
dlib.image.hdri High dynamic range images
dlib.image.hsv HSV color space
dlib.image.image Generic image interface and its implementations for integer pixel formats
dlib.image.io Load and save images
dlib.image.render Image synthesis tools
dlib.image.resampling Image resizing algorithms
dlib.image.signal2d 2D signal consisting of complex number data
dlib.image.transform Geometric ransformations of images
dlib.image.unmanaged GC-free SuperImage implementation
dlib.math.interpolation.bezier B├ęzier interpolation functions
dlib.math.interpolation.catmullrom Catmull-Rom interpolation functions
dlib.math.interpolation.easing Easing functions
dlib.math.interpolation.hermite Hermite interpolation functions
dlib.math.interpolation.linear Linear interpolation
dlib.math.interpolation.nearest Nearest-neighbour interpolation
dlib.math.interpolation.smoothstep Sigmoid-like functions for clamping and non-linear interpolation of values in [0, 1] range.
dlib.math.combinatorics Combinatorics
dlib.math.complex Complex numbers
dlib.math.decomposition Matrix decomposition
dlib.math.diff Automatic differentiation
dlib.math.dual Dual numbers
dlib.math.dualquaternion Dual quaternions
dlib.math.fft Fast Fourier transform
dlib.math.hof Functions that return other functions
dlib.math.interpolation Interpolation functions
dlib.math.linsolve Linear equation system solvers
dlib.math.matrix Square matrices with static memory allocation
dlib.math.quaternion Quaternions
dlib.math.sse SSE-based optimizations for common vector and matrix operations
dlib.math.tensor N-dimensional numeric data structure
dlib.math.transformation Matrix-based geometric transformations
dlib.math.utils Utility math functions
dlib.math.vector Vectors of Euclidean space
dlib.memory.allocator Abstract allocator interface
dlib.memory.gcallocator Allocator based on D's built-in garbage collector
dlib.memory.mallocator Allocator based on malloc/realloc/free
dlib.memory.mmappool Fast block-based allocator
dlib.network.socket Platform-independent socket API
dlib.network.url URL parser
dlib.random.random Pseudo-random numbers based on C rand function
dlib.serialization.json JSON parser
dlib.serialization.xml GC-free parser for a subset of XML.
dlib.text.encodings Generic encoding tools
dlib.text.lexer General-purpose non-allocating lexical analyzer.
dlib.text.str GC-free UTF-8 string type
dlib.text.utf16 UTF-16 decoder and encoder
dlib.text.utf8 UTF-8 encoder and decoder
dlib.text.utils Text processing utils
dlib.audio This package provides basic tools for sound processing. It currently supports bit depths 8 and 16 (signed and unsigned), as well as arbitrary sample rate and number of channels. Design principles of dlib.audio are closely akin to dlib.image.
dlib.coding Data coding and compression algorithms
dlib.concurrency A thread pool for running tasks in parallel
dlib.container Containers
dlib.core Provides functionality that is used by all other dlib packages
dlib.filesystem Abstract FS interface and its implementations for Windows and POSIX filesystems
dlib.geometry Computational geometry
dlib.image Image processing
dlib.math Linear algebra and calculus
dlib.memory Allocators and memory management functions
dlib.network Networking and web functionality
dlib.serialization Data serialization
dlib.text Text processing
dlib dlib - general purpose library