Cook allows you to build projects for Windows under Linux, using Wine. This requires nothing more than a Windows version of DMD compiler, which run perfectly under Wine. To cross-compile your project, use the following configuration (replace paths to your own ones):

  profile: "dmd2-2.067-wine";
  compiler_dir: "/opt/dmd2-2.067.0/windows";
  compiler: "%compiler_dir%/bin/dmd";
  linker: "%compiler_dir%/bin/dmd";
  obj.path: "o_wine_dmd";
  obj.ext: ".obj";
  version: "Wine";
  project.compile: "wine %compiler% %cflags% -c %source% -of%object%"; "wine %compiler% %objects% -of%target%.exe";

Save this config file separately from your default one (e.g. "wine.conf"). Then run Cook as follows:

  cook --dc=wine.conf projectName