Command Line Parameters

--help             Display information on Cook usage
--emulate          Don't write anything to disk
--quiet            Don't print messages
--rebuild          Force rebuilding all modules
--nocache          Disable reading/writing module cache
--lib              Build a static library instead of executable
                   (currently works only under Windows)
--release          Compile modules in release mode
--noconsole        Under Windows, hide applocation console window
--strip            Remove debug symbols from resulting binary using "strip" utility
                   (currently works only under Linux)
--output="FILE"    Compile to specified filename
--clean            Remove temporary data (object files, cache, etc.)
--cache="FILE"     Use specified cache file
--rc="FILE"        Under Windows, compile and link specified resource file
 -c"..."           Pass specified option(s) to compiler
 -l"..."           Pass specified option(s) to linker
--run              Run program after compilation (does't work in emulation mode)
--dc="FILE"        Specify default configuration file (default "default.conf")
--https            Use HTTPS instead of SSH when fetching remote dependencies
--rsp              Pass object file names to linker via responce file instead of command line
--local            Store temporary data in cwd instead of home directory