Gecko's Place

My name is Timur Gafarov, I'm also known as Gecko and gecko0307. I'm a hobbyist programmer/indie game developer/CG enthusiast from Russia. My interests include real-time 3D graphics, physics, image and audio processing. I use D language for almost all of my projects. My current goal is to develop a 3D game entirely in D.


My main hobby project, a sci-fi first person puzzle. I've started it in 2012, in the early days of learning D. Now it exists in a form of a tech demo. Visit the project webpage:

Open Source Projects

dlib - collection of general purpose libraries for D, a game engine developer's swiss army knife

DGL and Dagon - 3D/2D graphics engines

dmech - 3D physics engine (rigid body simulator) for games

Cook - build tool

This is not a complete list - please, visit my GitHub profile, where you can find all of my projects.

For Russian-speaking readers I also recommend visiting my programming blog, where I sporadically share my developments, plans and thoughts:

FPS Magazine

I'm the creator and lead editor of FPS, Russian e-magazine dedicated to computer graphics and game development. The magazine exists from 2008, and currently we have released 46 issues.

Game Maker & Xtreme3D

In 2005-2009 I was an active Game Maker user, and put a lot of effort in making 3D games with this tool. One of my finished GM projects is Crematorium, a Quake-style first person shooter I made for a contest. I don't seriously use Game Maker anymore, but still support a site dedicated to 3D graphics extensions for GM, specifically Xtreme3D, once-popular wrapper of GLScene. I find it interesting and fun to see how far GM's 3D possibilities can be pushed away with DLLs. Now Xtreme3D community is lot smaller than before, but it still exists. And new version of Xtreme3D that I wrote from scratch supports shaders and complex rendering tech, so the engine can be used to make appealing indie games. Our current plan is to move away from GM to modern scripting languages, especially Lua.

You can find my old GM games here.